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Juliette Nichols is one of the main characters in the Apple TV+ series Silo. An engineer in the Silo who unexpectedly becomes the new Sheriff, Juliette is portrayed by Rebecca Ferguson.

Official Biography

Strong, smart, independent. Childhood trauma sent Juliette into the Down Deep of the Silo where she became a skilled, intuitive, get-her-hands-dirty engineer who keeps the generator working.


Juliette Nichols was born in the Mids to Doctor Pete Nichols and Hanna Nichols. She had a younger brother, Jacob. Her name was taken from a play that was no longer performed because it was rumored to have been written by a Rebel. Juliette's mother and brother both died when she was thirteen, and she was forced to take all of their belongings to Recycling due to her father's busy schedule. Traumatised by the losses, Juliette ran away to the Down Deep, forging a letter from her father requesting that she be apprenticed to Mechanical. Martha Walker accepted her, but informed her father who came down to confront her about running away. Despite everything, Pete Nichols allowed his daughter to remain working in Mechanical, where she was assigned as Knox's Shadow.[2]

Juliette Nichols worked in the lower levels of the Silo, keeping the generator running. She was in an unsanctioned relationship with George Wilkins, and knew about his secret camp in the depths of the Silo where he kept Relics and was looking for something. During their relationship, he gifted a watch, a legal Relic, to her.[5] When George is killed, Juliette believes it is murder and informs Deputy Hank of her suspicions.[4] Sheriff Holston Becker and Deputy Sam Marnes traveled to the Down Deep to investigate the claim of murder and because George had been tangentially involved in his own wife's request to be sent outside. Holston soon figured out Juliette and George had been in a relationship due to the watch she wore. Feeling that she could trust him and wanting justice, Juliette revealed truths about George, his collection of Relics, and the existence of the cavern below the Silo to Holston. Holston found the hard drive and a collection of paper with his wife's handwriting on them, knowing that there was something deeper behind all of this. Holston asked Juliette to trust him, and that he would send a signal when it was time.[5]

Three months later, Holston Becker requested to go and was sent to Clean. Watching the proceedings from the Mechanical Cafeteria. Juliette had not heard from him in all that time, and stormed out of the Cafeteria after Holston died, calling him a liar. Her grief about George came flooding back, and she went to the cavern and attempted to rappel down to where George believed the door was. However, due to the darkness and water beneath her, Juliette was scared on the descent and dropped her flashlight into the water below.[5] She eventually pulled herself back up to the cavern and berated herself for not being able to follow up on George's discovery. Juliette lapsed into drinking, and was hungover when an emergency in the generator needed her attention. She assaulted Cooper who was trying to fix it but going against her one rule: only she goes in the generator. Juliette was reprimanded by Knox after, and she once again told him the generator needed to be fixed properly, which meant shutting it down. Knox refused, saying he could not be the first person in Mechanical to authorise a shutdown like that when the Silo depends on the generator.[3]

Mayor Ruth Jahns arrived with in Mechanical to talk to Juliette as Holston had nominated her as his successor to the post of Sheriff. Juliette refused it initially, but was given Holston's Sheriff badge as his last bequest. On the back was the word "truth" etched into it. Taking this as the sign Holston told her to watch for, she agreed to take the post of Sheriff on one condition: they shut down the generator and fix it properly before she leaves Mechanical. Mayor Jahns agrees and authorises the shutdown, placing the Silo on backup power and ordering everyone to stay home or in designated safe zones. To shut down the generator, they would have to close the steam valve powering it, but due to the heat and pressure they would only have thirty minutes to work on the problem from start to finish. Once shut down, Juliette and Cooper removed the faulty fan blade and made other repairs, but Juliette was forced to deal with the pressure problem by going into the machine and using a water hose to cool the valve manually. The plan worked, and Cooper successfully fixed the generator and got it back up and running.[3]

Leaving Mechanical, Juliette was immediately called to the Mayor's Office. Mayor Jahns had been poisoned and died, and Bernard Holland was Mayor Pro Tem until elections could be called. Juliette began settling in, being introduced to the Sheriff's Office and Sandy, who disliked her. Juliette also moved into Holston's old apartment. After being officially sworn in as Sheriff, Juliette began looking for George Wilkins' file and for the hard drive that Holston had taken. Neither were to be found. Juliette also had to deal with Deputy Sam Marnes trying to find Jahns' murderer, and had to stop him from beating a suspect, Franky Brown, in public. Juliette and Marnes talked and while neither was happy with the situation, they agreed to work together. Juliette would help Marnes solve Jahns' murder, if he helped with solving George's. Back in Holston's apartment, Juliette eventually realised that the noise from the vent meant something was in there, and retrieved George's file.[2]

Juliette was unsure about why George's file had been hidden, since it seemed to contain no revealing information. She was called away to deal with Deputy Marnes' murder, and the found that Paul Billings had been installed as her new Chief Deputy without her approval. The pair began a murder investigation, questioning suspects until Juliette told Billings to go home for lunch. On her own, Juliette broke into the apartment she believed belonged to Patrick Kennedy, and found incriminating evidence implicating him in Marnes' death. Leaving the evidence alone, she tracked down Patrick Kennedy and realised that Data Management's records were out of date and not only failed to record the death of his wife, Doris Kennedy, but also that he had changed apartments. Realizing that Patrick was being framed, she set things up to catch a Judicial agent in the act by issuing an arrest warrant for Patrick. Douglas Trumbull arrived outside of the old apartment, and Juliette confronted him, resulting in a chase down the Stairwell. They fought and Juliette was thrown over the railing, but was rescued by other residents. Trumbull got away, but he was found dead shortly after, having seemingly committed suicide.[6]

Having earned Bernard Holland's support, Juliette met Lukas Kyle in the Level 1 Cafeteria. He pointed out that there were lights in the sky, and that they were arranged in patterns and seemed to repeat in a circle. Juliette returned to Mechanical to visit Walker, claiming that she needed to pack and say proper goodbyes. Instead, she relayed some information about her progress, and learned a little more about the video recorder. Believing that she was now trusted, Juliette had to engineer a way to open an investigation into George's death without tipping anyone off. She only needed to use the right bait.[6]


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